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Sermon on the 100th Anniversary of Trinity’s Building - Jan 2009

Buried Windows (Essay in Lutheran Women Today, March 2008)

Sermon preached on Feb. 12th, 2008 LSTC Leadership Conference "Perfect Potential: Seeking Excellence in Ministry"

Sermon for November 25th, 2007,
Christ the King

Sermon for December 3rd, 2006, First Sunday of Advent

Sermon for Nov. 7th, 2004, All Saints Sunday

Commemorating the Third Anniversary of 9/11,
Sunday Sept. 12th, 2004

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall"
Pentecost Sermon

A Sermon on
Luke 15:1-3, 11 -32
The Prodigal Son

Sermon on the 36th Anniversary of the Assassination of
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr
Palm Sunday,
April 4th, 2004

Pastor Heidi  Neumark singing with some of the children

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Bread for the World Sunday


On October 19 and other Sundays throughout the fall, churches across the country are taking time to renew their commitment to ending hunger in God’s world. This year’s observance of Bread for the World Sunday takes place at a time when a new Congress and new president are being elected.

A Reflection Resource is available with prayers and other worship aids. Pr. Heidi Neumark has written a scripture study which is helpful as a preaching resource or for the adult education hour. Pastor Neumark was the featured speaker at “Come to the Waters,” the 2008 churchwide gathering of the Women of the ELCA. 

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. God’s grace in Jesus Christ moves us to help our neighbors, whether they live in the next house, the next state or the next continent.

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Pastor Heidi Neumark



July 12, 2008

Neumark Tells Women of the ELCA that Bold Sisters Change the World

". . . Bold women on the edge of the Jordan River take action that ripples across the centuries and borders all the way to the pages to the American Bar Association Journal and on to us here by the waters of Salt Lake City," Neumark said. "Isn't God amazing? Cannot bold women do awesome things with the help of God?". . . (more)

Andrena Ingram, a woman who had a huge influence on Pr. Heidi Neumark's life and who preached at Trinity's Healing Service on October 19th, 2003, is featured in an article in the December 2006 issue of The Lutheran magazine
Pastor Neumark's award winning book
Breathing Space:
A Spiritual Journey
in the South Bronx
Breathing Space - Hardcover Edition Breathing Space - Paperback Edition

now also available in paperback. $17 in bookstores. $10 at the church.


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