Reconciling in Christ

We are a Reconciling In Christ congregation supporting the full participation of our LGBT members and neighbors in the life of the church, locally and world-wide.

Music in Worship

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Under the Rainbow

Music, dance, drama and visual arts are all vital elements of our worship and praise of God. We welcome and honor the collaboration of artists whose creativity reflects our Creator’s gifts and graces us with delight, challenge and inspiration. We encourage opportunities for all people to explore and share their creative talents.

"So now, let us sing, not to delight our leisure, but to ease our toil. In the way that travellers are in the habit of singing, sing, but keep on walking". 
St. Augustine, 4th century

We at Trinity believe that making music together builds community and nurtures spiritual life. We have music groups and individuals that contribute regularly to worship.    We also believe that it is of paramount importance that our worship includes expression by every member of the congregation.  Like Martin Luther, we share a deep and abiding passion for congregational singing, and the wide variety of hymns and styles of music used in worship are intended to encourage the participation of everyone. For this reason, we continue to look for new ways to encourage worship leadership by members from all age brackets. We draw from resources of the early centuries of Christian worship as well as the music of recent years, (literally from Gregorian to Gospel) always seeking a balanced and diverse offering. All members and friends of Trinity are welcome to participate in any of these groups.


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