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We are a Reconciling In Christ congregation supporting the full participation of our LGBT members and neighbors in the life of the church, locally and world-wide.

The Organ at Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan

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organOur organ was built in 1909 by the Hutchings Organ Company of Boston MA.

The instrument was installed in the gallery with a neo-gothic façade and has three manuals and pedal with 36 stops and electro-pneumatic action.

Since 2007 the organ is under the care of Konzelman Pipe Organs of Hoboken NJ.
Our Organ Curator and Organist is Mr. Peter Adrian

Choir Organ
(Manual I)
    8’ Diapason                    4’ Rohr Flute
    8’ Melodia                      2’ Piccolo
    8’ Dulciana                     8’ Clarinet
    8’ Unda Maris (TC)        Tremolo

Great Organ (Manual II)
    8’ Diapason                    4’ Octave
    8’ Bourdon                     4’ Harmonic Flute
    8’ Gamba                       8’ Trumpet
    8’ Gemshorn

Swell Organ (Manual III)
    16’ Bourdon                   2 2/3’ Nazard
    8’ Diapason                    2’ Octave
    8’ Stopped Diapason      Mixture III
    8’ Viole d’Orchestra       8’ Cornopean    
    8’ Voix Celestis (TC)     8’ Oboe
    4’ Principal                    8’ Vox Humana
    4’ Traverse Flute           Tremolo

Pedal Organ
    16’ Open Wood             8’ Dolce Flute (from Bourdon)
    16’ Violone                   8’ Cello (from Violone)
    16’ Bourdon                 4’ Bourdon (from Violone)
     8’ Bass Flute (from Open Wood)

In Preparation:
Solid State Combination Action with 100 levels


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